Can our training modernise an entire industry?

Just ask… Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Impressed by the impact of our presentation skills courses on a rival travel management company, in 2005 Carlson Wagonlit Travel brought us on board with our “Winning Hearts and Minds” programme. Since then we have run scores of these workshops with most client-facing staff and nearly all senior managers.

Not only has the programme and its wide application throughout Carlson Wagonlit Travel revolutionised the way it communicates with its clients and given it a competitive edge in the marketplace, but its proven success has motivated other companies within the travel business, including CWT’s competitors, to re-evaluate and change the way they present their organisations, services and products.

We have also coached Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s senior management in the skills to deliver some of the acclaimed and effective presentations in the industry, not only at their own annual conference but numerous industry events where CWT’s presentation expertise is in high demand.

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Modernising an industry

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Modernising an industry



Winning Hearts and Minds
Part 1
1st & 2nd May 2024
Part 2
3rd & 4th June 2024

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Upcoming Open Courses – Paris
Captiver et Convaincre
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Upcoming Open Courses – Brussels
Captiver et Convaincre
(delivered in French)

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