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To improve the people-managing skills of its publishers, editors and sales directors of the various divisions, the magazine and newspaper empire Emap commissioned the recently formed Najberg Milne to run a comprehensive multi-module training programme for all their senior staff over a number of years.

These modules in presentation skills, people management, team building and relationship management have evolved and developed over the years into the courses we offer today.

" Testimonial "

Other case studies


Transforming company culture

Long-term partnership

Giant multinational


Modernising a market leader

Modernising an industry

Change management

Multi-module training

New business worth millions

Communicating complex issues

Media confidence

Multi-module training



Winning Hearts and Minds

More Course dates coming soon

NM France…


Upcoming Open Courses – Paris
Captiver et Convaincre
(delivered in french)

More course dates coming soon

NM Belgium…


Upcoming Open Courses – Brussels
Captiver et Convaincre
(delivered in French)

More course dates coming soon


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