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Winning hearts and minds

Half your business is presentation. Whether facing clients, customers, colleagues or project partners, if you don’t get your messages across to effect the changes you seek, your business will fail. Yet, at the receiving end of a business presentation, how often have you not only had your time wasted but been actively turned off, even turned away? Poor presentations are a common failing in business. Are yours any better?

Combining the insights of psychologists and behaviourists with the practical methods of professional stage performance, this two-part course has been honed over 20 years and is widely acclaimed as, quite simply, the best there is. From focusing content to confidence-building to projection in public, we rigorously coach every aspect of this most business critical set of interpersonal skills. Whether wallflower or firecracker, there is no one in your business who cannot be dramatically transformed into an engaging, effective presenter — a presenter who will get your message across.

Winning hearts and minds is run in two stages, each a two day course:

Part 1: Presenting with confidence

Whether you’re a nervous novice or seasoned presenter, this course will instill a confident authority that will command conferences, pitches and every kind of business meeting.

Part 2: Influencing decisions and behaviour

Having learnt to project your message with confidence, stage two will help you shape your message for maximum engagement, persuasiveness and effectiveness.

Winning Hearts and Minds: The online strategy

Having mastered face-to-face communication, this development of the programme will give you the means to make online presentations not only effective, but compelling.

Screen Presence: How to win hearts and minds online

As more and more communication take place via a number of software platforms, this course takes the lessons and principles of our “Winning Hearts and Minds” programme to give everyone the knowledge and skills to be totally engaging in this format. The course is open to anyone who has done neither of our “Winning Hearts and Minds” courses or who have only done part 1.

Course leaders

François Maurin

François Maurin

Jean Sébastien Pigeau

Jean Sébastien Pigeau

David Milne

David Milne

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Winning Hearts and Minds

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