Can we transform a company culture to boost business relationships?

Just ask… Ideo

In the world of product design, Ideo are pioneers of unmatched prestige. They have produced the first of many revolutionary products like palm-top computers and ergonomically designed car seats which have been copied all over the world.

Creativity is key — and so is co-operation. But can designers, project managers and sales people find a common language and buy into each other’s priorities without blurring the critical edge that makes them so creatively outstanding? And where do the all-important clients fit in? To stay ahead, Ideo were determined to be expert communicators as well as creatives. Already the beneficiaries of our “Winning Hearts and Minds” programme, they asked us to help them with their working relationships, both internal and external. Alongside a series of our “Adult Conversations” workshops, Eva Najberg individually coached every single member of the Ideo staff. Result: a far greater mutual understanding of every work function’s different needs and methods and greatly enhanced co-operation and productivity flowing from every meeting of these uniquely talented individuals.

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Transforming company culture



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