Covid 19 October update – New Courses

In these strange, challenging times, we have all had to adapt to extraordinary changes in every area of our lives.

We hope that, whatever your circumstances, you are finding ways to cope, getting the support you need, and looking forward to a brighter future.

Like many companies, we have had to curb some of our activities. In the current climate, it has been impossible to run training courses like ours where there is so much face-to-face interaction. Our coaching programmes, on the other hand, which were often carried out online already, have continued unabated, supporting leaders and teams.

Regarding skills training, we have not been idle, and have taken this opportunity to expand what we have to offer. As Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”.

At the request of several of our clients, we have designed two online courses dealing with presenting and conducting meetings using online platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, Skype etc. Of course, you can Google hints and tips on how to arrange your laptop, mute yourself and so on. However, our courses go beyond this and deals with overcoming the communication problems that online meetings and presentations create. Our background in theatre and television gives us the knowledge of the differences between face-to-face communication and communicating via a screen. Being able to communicate effectively and efficiently is straightforward enough, if you know what to do.

The first course is called Screen Presence – how to win hearts and minds online” and is designed for people who have never done any of our presentation-skills courses as well as those who have done part 1 of “Winning Hearts and Minds”.

The second new course is called Winning Hearts and Minds – the online strategy” and is designed for those who have done both parts of the “Winning Hearts and Minds” programme but who want to be able to be as effective online as they are face-to-face.

We are also working on a “Winning Hearts and Minds” app for those who have already completed all or part of the “Winning Hearts and Minds” programme.

We also have online versions of other courses in our portfolio, such as “Adult conversations” and “Stand your ground”.

We had hoped to run open courses of part 1 of “Winning Hearts and Minds” in London in September and November, but have been forced to cancel them under the current situation. Instead, we are running our new course – “Screen Presence” – as an open course on the 11th and 12th of November. Anyone interested should contact us soon to book a place.

We hope to continue running our open courses in 2021.


Welcome to Najberg Milne

We know why you’re here. You need your people to be the best. But there’s a critical skills gap. As communicators they could be more compelling. Whether facing out or in, presenting to clients, building relationships or managing teams, they could deliver key messages better. But they need expert help.

So you are here because you have heard on good authority that nobody coaches compelling business communication better – not even as well!

What we do

Presentation skills

Half your business is presentation. Whether facing clients, customers, colleagues or project partners, if you...more

Managing relationships

Co-operation is the key to both business innovation and day-to-day working. Yet time and again personal friction gets in...more

Stress management

When the chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group, António Horta-Osório, took a leave of absence in 2011 to recover from the...more

Team building and managing

Teams don’t build themselves. In business we often see dysfunctional teams thrown together or cloned in the boss’s...more

Counselling skills for HR teams

Your most valuable people may be in crisis, and your business relies on your HR managers being able to help with effective...more

Developing resilience

Whether in good times or bad, businesses struggle with adversity in all sorts of shapes, from global competition to...more

Assertiveness training

Which bit of ‘no’ don’t your people or clients understand? Or ‘yes’, for that matter? Stating your position and sticking to...more

Executive coaching

It took a 12-year parting of the ways between Apple and co-founder Steve Jobs for the former to dice with terminal decline and the...more

Case studies


Owned by Lufthansa, Airplus is a financial company with offices all over the world. We started working with Airplus...more

Transforming company culture

In the world of product design, Ideo are pioneers of unmatched prestige. They have the...more

Long-term partnership

For many years we have been regular visitors to Specsavers Holland in The Netherlands, working closely with...more

Giant multinational

At Nestlé’s research facility in Singen in Southern Germany they experiment with recipes and nutritional innovation, to...more


After the Boxing Day 2002 tsunami, we wanted to do more than put our hands in our pockets. Later renamed Practical Action, the...more

Modernising a market leader

Founded in 1956, Spencer Stuart is one of the world’s most respected executive search...more

Modernising an industry

Impressed by the impact of our presentation skills courses on a rival travel management...more

Change management

We had run our “Winning Hearts and Minds” programme for a high profile investment management company for a number of years...more

Multi-module training

To improve the people-managing skills of its publishers, editors and sales directors of the various divisions, the magazine...more

New business worth millions

Since 2006, every manager reaching a certain level of responsibility and authority at the UK’s ...more

Communicating complex issues

For over 20 years, we have worked with Microsoft, Symantec and Hewlett Packard and...more

Media confidence

A regular Sky Sports presenter, giving golf lessons and insights to viewers, the director of Cranfield Golf Academy, Scott...more

Our people include...

Eva Najberg

Eva Najberg

Three factors shaped the direction which took Eva Najberg from her birth in Paris to her life in England as partner in Najberg Milne and expert executive coach...more
David Milne

David Milne

A son of Scotland’s tough, no-nonsense ‘Granite City’ Aberdeen, David Milne was born into post-war austerity but at school revealed a gift for performance...more
Jean Sébastien Pigeau

Jean Sébastien Pigeau

Jean-Sébastien Pigeau has worked in France, the UK, Belgium and Switzerland as a corporate trainer since 2006. Coaching presentation skills, storytelling,...more
François Maurin

François Maurin

François Maurin has a breadth of experience that makes him a first-class course-leader and performance coach in the business world....more



Upcoming Open Courses – London
Screen Presence
29 & 30 June 2021

NM France…


Upcoming Open Courses – Paris
Captiver et Convaincre
(delivered in french)

More course dates coming soon

NM Belgium…


Upcoming Open Courses – Brussels
Captiver et Convaincre
(delivered in French)

More course dates coming soon


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