Stress management

Thriving under pressure

When the chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group, António Horta-Osório, took a leave of absence in 2011 to recover from the “extreme fatigue” of his job, it not only made headlines but helped destigmatise a problem that business was failing to address because it did not wish to admit it. Left untreated, stress at the top can intensify to paralyse sound decision-making and even wreck the business. Whatever the state of the wider economy, pressure in business is a fact of life. Nor do demands on business leaders cease outside work. Not just functioning but thriving under pressure is fundamental to fulfilment in work and wider life.

To have got to the top, as a business leader you already have the inner resources necessary to cope. Yet your own values and drives might also be intensifying the stress of external pressures. Our stress management course identifies the individual characteristics and behaviours which can hinder as well as help you to prosper under pressure, and works on your innate coping skills so you will thrive where others crack. Incorporating techniques drawn from cognitive and sports psychology and tailored to the needs and behaviours of your individual business leaders, our course instils and rehearses the skills needed not only to stay calm, clear-headed and in control but to grow in effectiveness and sense of fulfilment at work and in wider life.

Please note: this course is a pre-requisite to ‘The Resilience Workshop’.

Course leader

Eva Najberg

Eva Najberg

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