Team building and managing

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Teams don’t build themselves. In business we often see dysfunctional teams thrown together or cloned in the boss’s image. Don’t expect high performance, creative thinking or operational efficiency from teams assembled without a clear understanding of what it takes to make a group of individuals work as one. No one said it was easy. Team-building is a science, and we draw on decades of data analysing team roles and the behavioural profiles that build great teams.

Once built, a team must bond towards achieving its common purpose. Communicating goals and values is a critical precondition for a team to work together with mutual trust, respect, openness and support. Building and bonding the team is the first area covered by our course.

As well as directing operations, every manager needs to nurture and develop the team as individuals and together. Poor managers are the bane of the workplace, demotivating and driving away their team, creating problems rather than solutions. Good management requires skills that are not innate, but can be coached. Without coaching, some managers may get there in the end by trial and error — but can your business afford to find out the hard way?

What motivates each team member — including the manager? This is the key that unlocks the rest of the toolbox. Again based on a wealth of rigorously researched and tested data, our course provides a clear and practical guide to workplace motivation. Through interactive and role-play exercises, the course coaches managers in pinpointing performance strengths and weaknesses, and in new and creative ways of inspiring and coaching others to peak performance.

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David Milne

David Milne

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